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Let’s find you remarkable Virtual Assistants with the core financial skills, computing experience, and communication and relationship-building abilities that will give your business an edge. execute on more tasks, for far less cost than you’d expect. And gain a foothold in Asia, where some of the most helpful innovations in financial services are taking place.

So you won’t just outsource. Outsource to win!

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Delegate core yet time-draining tasks to your global team in Cebu, Philippines, led by Fiona Kesby (CEO) and Matt Kesby (Founder), who are both based in Cebu City. Protect yourself and your onshore business leaders against overload and burnout.

Help make more remarkable careers and lives possible all around!

Qualifications Our Finance VAs Earned

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Commerce or Finance.
Many are Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and some even have MBAs!
Experience working in banking, insurance, loans and mortgage, real estate
Experience in designing and building apps for financial services
Understanding of IFRS and GAAP

Fintech App & Benefits in Financial Business – Overview

Fintech app is nothing but a web or mobile app that is used to perform financial activities online. Fintech applications are widely used in the financial industry these days as it is highly beneficial in fulfilling financial operations quickly and efficiently.

Does Fintech Apps Are Essential for Financial Businesses?

People prefers to do cashing in online via smartphones with ease in these days rather than visiting banks or other financial sectors. A statista states that around 50% of customers from banks will shift to next bank it there is no mobile app for that bank. Due to its instant solutions, secured concept, fintech apps are now most preferred by the users. This made every financial businesses to move towards mobile platform with fintech app development.

Make Your Busines Presence in Mobile Platform With an Incredible Fintech App

Impact of mobile technology in financial industry made several finanaicial business to seek for fintech app development. If you are one among them, then MacAndro is especially for you. Being an expertise in banking & finance app development, we upholds heap of domain knowledge in financial business and a best track record in providing custom mobility solutions for banks & other businesses.

What are the benefits You can Experience By Choosing MacAndro’s?

24/7 Support
Continuous Operation optimization
Seamless Payment Integration
Shorter time-to-market
Cost effective
Reliable & Scalable
Highly Secure and Flexible

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement Planning

Retirement- 16 times, Goal – 5 times, SIP- 5 Times, Asset Allocation – 4 times, inflation: 1 time,

Saving & investing for your retirement is essential while you are in that nascent stage of your career. However, people end up making small mistakes that later amplify their losses or their realized gains.

Most of the time, people don’t realize the importance of saving & investing. They push it back and worry about their retirement kitty for later. However, the sorry news is that this is, quite honestly, not the right approach. Here are 5 mistakes one should avoid while saving up for their golden years.

Mistake 1: Improper Plan/Calculations for Your Retirement Dream You must start estimating your retirement corpus requirement with a Retirement Calculator. Start by sharing your future plans with your spouse by asking each other how much of the present income is required to maintain a comfortable life during retirement? Are there any plans to see the world? Figure out your costs. Calculate your current expenses and find out the future value of your expenses by the time you retire, assuming a realistic rate of inflation. Once you know your answer, use the Retirement Calculator to serve a rough guide as to what this figure can be.

Mistake 2: Not Increasing Your Investments through SIPs A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) could be your first step to happy retirement life. SIP is one of the preferred ways of investing in a mutual fund. In an SIP, you can invest every month with a minimum amount of Rs. 500. An SIP makes you a disciplined investor. It also helps you achieve your goal of retirement planning. Let’s say you save 5% of your income, for instance, Rs. 2,083/- a month on a yearly income of Rs. 5,00,000 Gradually increase that amount to 10-12% every year. The additional increase will substantially add to the future value of your corpus.

Mistake 3: Starting late & losing on Compounding

The tool that you need to grow your investment over time is the power of compounding. In simpler words, it is earning returns which gets reinvested – a snowball effect that could effectively increase your savings much more over time. Thus, the sooner you start saving, you get more time on your hands, thereby letting compounding work for you in the long run.

Thus achieve your financial goal of saving up for retirement by investing as soon as possible. consult your financial advisor before making any investment-related decisions.

Mistake 4: Improper Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is based on the premise that the different asset classes have varying performance cycles.,.

A good asset allocation plan develops an investment portfolio that will help you reach your financial objectives with minimal amount of risk. However, if you are young and not investing in equity, you are missing out on gains that equities have to offer. A portfolio heavily tilted towards debt at a young age might keep your principal at lesser risk, but it will fail to generate more significant returns. Similarly, if one ends up investing heavily into equities when they are reaching a senior age, they are risking their capital. – a move that could prove disastrous.

So a prudent asset allocation is always advised based on one’s risk-taking capacities.

Mistake 5: Not having a Plan at all

It may sound funny, but if we open our eyes, we will notice that saving habits among youngsters are at an all-time low. Many fancy that they will end up running some successful business that will generate enough cash flow to meet their needs. But pandemic has taught us that some of the most reliable ideas have miserably failed and have bought people to poverty. So it’s not just wise but equally important to have a retirement plan for ourselves no matter how we are faring in our lives.

Best Share Market Tips for Beginners

If you want to get into the stock market, there are various ways to do it and make money, not lose money. One of the simplest ways is to get a broker whom you can belief and hand over your money to him. Regrettably, it takes out the fun and enthusiasm of the willing. This will make you complex to broker decisions, and it can cost you money and take you some time to study and master the basics of stock trading.

Before you even start investing in the stock market and Commodity Market, it is vital for beginners to understand the market well and be as fruitful as possible. The following stock market tips and Commodity Tips like MCX and NCDEX Tips can guide you in the exact direction.

Educate Yourself

The first step to becoming a successful investor is to teach yourself. Take some lessons in accounting; Read as several books on investing as possible, and research online about many aspects of the market and how you can make it work.

Talking to a certified stockbroker or financial advisor is another tip that can help you become a successful investor. A trustworthy advisor will be able to give you direct, personal information that you will not find in books or articles, and can even sit with you one by one and answer all your questions.

Understand Stock Market Software

An alternative great tip would be to consider software to help you with a selection of tasks. It is suggested to invest in personal finance software, which can help you accomplish your funds as well as track profits and losses. Other software to consider would be a program that helps you manage your stock collection, as well as tracking when to buy or sell; analyzing the potential benefits vs. risks of a particular stock, and tracking stock prices.

Never invest in unknown penny stocks

Even if you are buying everybody, you cannot resist the enticement of buying, do not invest unidentified money in stocks. Try not to follow the secret, insider’s warm proposals that your acquaintance’s well-informed friend murmurs in your ears.

The penny stock may have tripled during the last fortnight, but previously that, your friend’s friend started purchasing the stock. The organizers of the firm are likely to have ongoing a shopping spree for the said stock and flashed rumors about the option of some foreign investors taking over the company.

Future growth vs past performance

When you try to analyze the worth of a stock before buying it, you should consider its future development forecasts rather than relying on its past performance.

The past performance of any stock, even its promoters, warn investors in their ads, there is no assurance of its future performance. You can claim yourself into buying a stock because it has doubled in the last year. Instead of relying on its double growth, you should try to analyze the details for that ‘great’ performance.

Could it have been a deficiency of serious competition? Could it have been the supply of raw resources at a lower cost because raw material suppliers had recently come to the market and wanted to spread their product?

If you are satisfied with the reasons, then go ahead and buy the stock of that company.

Keep Practicing

One of the top investment advice, exclusively for learners, is to keep practicing until you have a strong grasp of the market and its ideas. If you do not follow any other stock market tip, it should certainly be a priority no matter what.

There are numerous stock simulation programs that can help you take a risk and get a feel for the real thing without actually investing. Some of these programs are more accurate than others, but all of them will help you appreciate the concept of stock buying and trading.

There are numerous stock trading tips out there, particularly for beginners, but only through information and knowledge can you imagine making the most investment. The stock market tips outlined here are designed to help beginners learn about the market and make the best decisions to succeed.

How To Find USDA Mortgage Loans Near Me In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma is where you’ll find cowboy history – festivals, horse shows, museums and much more. If you fancy the rural life with open skies, open fields, and beautiful landscapes (with a horse beside you, ready to ride off into the sunset), then you’d definitely feel at home in Oklahoma.

Living in a rural area can have its advantages. One of which is the relative peacefulness when compared to the bustling city life of metropolitan areas. When thinking about moving to Oklahoma, one thing that comes in mind is to buy a house within the state, applying for home loans. When planning to build or buy a house in a rural area, the best course of action to do is to look for USDA mortgage loans near me.

USDA Home Loans in Oklahoma

United States Department of Agriculture offered zero down payment options for rural area homebuyers with low interest rates. If you want to buy houses via the USDA mortgage loans near me program in the certified west state, you’ll need to prove that you are eligible. The property that you wish to buy must be for primary residence and must be within the approved rural areas of the USDA otherwise the house purchase won’t be financed. Your income must not exceed 115% of the state’s adjusted median income (AMI).

Perhaps you dislike the design and aesthetics of pre-built homes, and you like your home to display glimpse of your personality and preference, then building your own home is definitely doable in Oklahoma. With this course of action, a mortgage loan isn’t what you would need to seek. What is most fitting in this situation is to find a USDA construction loan Oklahoma City near me.

Construction loans in Oklahoma City

Construction loans work very much like home loans but the loan is used to finance the building of the house. Thankfully the USDA can still help you in this option with its USDA construction loan. Through their Single-Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program, you can opt for construction-to-permanent loans. An option much efficient than for having different loans for construction and for the home itself.

Where to apply for USDA construction loan Oklahoma City near me?

Finding for USDA construction loan Oklahoma City near me is pretty easy when done online. There is an abundance of available lenders to help you with your home and construction loans. All you need to do is to choose the best lender for you. Of course, choosing the right one would always be a little tricky. Do a little bit more research about the nature of USDA home and USDA construction loans and ask the lenders your queries. A good lender to pick is the one that is able to satisfy your questions and elicit the need to provide quality customer service.

How to Buy, Sell, and Trade TRON (TRX) in India?

How do traders buy, sell, and trade TRON (TRX) in India?

Like other major cryptocurrencies, TRX is also available on several exchanges like Koinbazar. Do you want to invest in TRON (TRX)? Then Koinbazar would be one of the best crypto exchange platforms where you can exchange TRX to INR easily. Koinbazar supports instant INR and crypto deposit options. which makes it easy for traders to invest in any cryptocurrencies which like the most.

To invest and get a good return from it, check the website, sign up with Koinbazar, Complete KYC, link your bank account, deposit your funds and start trading. For the Indian user who has completed the above-mentioned details, you will get 50 KBC tokens FREE and it gets deposited into your Koinbazar account wallet. And also you want to earn more from the Koinbazar referral program, share the referral link (or) code with your friends to earn 50 FREE KBC tokens and also get 50% commission on their trading fees.

How to buy, sell and trade TRX with INR from Koinbazar?

Here’s a step-by-step procedure for users to buy TRX with INR from Koinbazar.

Step 1:

Visit the Koinbazar website.

Step 2:

If you are already a registered user, choose ‘SIGN IN’ at the top right corner of the website to log into your account. if you are a new user, click ‘SIGN UP’ in the top-right corner to register your account.

Step 3:

After you sign into the account, choose “MY ACCOUNT” at the right top of the list.

Step 4:

Choose KYC verification under MY ACCOUNT.

Step 5:

Update the KYC authentication section requested details and identity certificates and then click ‘SAVE’.

Step 6:

Choose ‘BANK DETAILS’ and update your required information. Click “SUBMIT” then.

Step 7:

Go to ‘Assets’ and select ‘Deposit’.

Step 8:

Transfer your required funds to be deposited in either crypto (or) fiat.

Step 9:

Choose ‘Manual Deposit’ and update the account information in the required pages, as needed And also instant INR deposit options available. Your transferred amount will be credited to your wallet after a check by the administrator.

Step 10:

Now, go to the home page, select ‘TRADE’.

Step 11:

On the trading page, choose ‘SELECT INR MARKET’ and select TRX/INR pair to buy TRON with INR.

Step 12:

At the bottom left of the page, start trading by setting the order type and order value you would like to buy.

IPO Investment Tips- Strategies for Investing in IPO

IPO is short for Initial Public Offering. It is done when a private company sells the shares of the company to the public in order to raise money for the first time. Additionally, after an IPO is conducted the shares of the company get listed on the stock exchange where those are available for trading. An IPO or Initial Public offering is often referred to as “Going Public” and the process of underwriting is led by an investment bank. Moreover, there are various reasons for a company to go for an IPO, some of those are stated below.

Reasons why a company goes through an IPO
Companies that are looking for growth prospects often go for IPO in the hope to raise capital. The most beneficial reason for an IPO is the additional capital that is raised. The capital that is raised via an IPO is used to purchase PPE (that is Property, Plant, and Equipment) and for R&D purposes (Research and development). There is awareness of a company after an IPO and it generates a new wave of potential customers.

IPO Investment Tips and Strategies
Here are some tips and strategies that will help you out for making a better decision for IPO investment.

Do your own research: When you invest in IPOs it is indirectly investing in Private companies. Private companies do not have many disclosure norms which make them very secretive and they hide a lot of sensitive information from the public. Even expert reviews of IPO have information collected that is publicly available. There is no in-depth research conducted by them that includes any research on internal workings or the company’s financials.

Although the red herring prospectus of the company has a good picture of the company which is approved by the SEBI. As this prospectus is written by the company, they will window dress their flaws and try to show their company as flawless. So before you invest in IPOs make sure you do your own detailed research rather than relying on any third-party research.

Know the funds that are you investing in: The red herring prospectus will enable you the information on how the funds are being utilized. It is very important to know this, it should not be the case that the company is raising funds to repay its liabilities. Instead, a company that is raising funds for research and expansion is more favourable to invest in. Moreover, such a company is worth your time and money.
Read the Red herring prospectus: You should always read the red herring prospectus when you invest in IPO. You are going to become an equity investor and unlike a debt investor, you are not having safety. It is very important to read it in detail and know its purpose.
Go through the Valuations: It is a difficult task for retail investors to find the exact and correct valuations of a private company. Additionally, you should set a benchmark for valuation against the peers of that company. The valuations will be kind of provided by investment bankers and underwriters to make sure you analyse them properly.
Invest at a Cut-off price: IPO investment is highly dependent on luck. You bid on the price which is specified within the price band. Your price should be at the cut-off price to ensure that you get the allotment. Moreover, if you invest at the cut-off price then only your application will even be considered for the final allotment price.
Go for IPOs that are backed by strong brokers: IPOs are managed and controlled by the brokers. Big brokers underwrite for a big or strong company only. But just seeing the name of a big broker you should not jump to buy the IPO. Additionally, you should consider the fact that IPO that is backed by a strong reputed broker is a good thing.
Plan an Exit Strategy: A very important tip for short-term investors in IPO is to Plan an Exit Strategy. You should make the decision that at what level you are going to sell the shares and book profits. Generally, shares of a good company list at a high level and drops in value over time. Moreover, short-term investors should who want to exit in a couple of days should pre-decide it. Also decide loss levels if the IPO does not work in your luck, setting up of stop loss and booking profit is important.
Be Skeptical: IPO investments are considered safe but they are quite not because you have to rely on a broker’s advice as information is not readily available. Many times broker might tell you to invest as he will be getting a good brokerage or to complete his target. You should be skeptical of the advice and make a decision on good research.
Know the Lock-in Period: Insiders and underwriters have a legal contract for holding shares. After the lock-in period when the underwriter will start selling the share the price will fall. It goes to show that the brokers are not confident about the future prospects of the company. Also if the underwriter does not sell or holds the share after the lock-in period it is a good signal.
Probe the Management and Promoters: IPO is like an exit window for promoters sometimes. You should do a background check of promoters and what experience they have of the company before you invest. You should also pay attention to the management of the company.

You have to open a demat account, in order to invest in IPO. Select the best demat account with minimum charges. You can check out the charges of HDFC Demat account.

To sum it up, we looked at what is an IPO? The answer to that is: IPO is short for Initial Public Offering. It is done when a private company sells the shares of the company to the public in order to raise money for the first time. Moreover, we looked at what are the reasons why companies want to go for an IPO. And lastly, we looked at various investment tips and strategies for investing in IPO.

FHA vs. Conventional Loan; Which Is The Best For A First-Time House Buyer

FHA loans and conventional loans are typical loans for house buyers. But if you are a first-time home, you might be stuck in deciding the ideal for you because these loans are different and have different terms and conditions; before taking a plunge and taking any of these loans, first understand what they are.

What is an FHA Loan?
This is a government-financed house mortgage and is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. In addition, the mortgage has less restrictive qualifications making it a good choice if you worry about having a poor credit score.

What is a Conventional Loan?
These loans are neither guaranteed nor warranted by a government agency. Instead, private lenders insure these loans. To be eligible for the loan, you should qualify for a down payment, have a more significant credit record, and a lower debt to income ratio.

Differences between conventional loans and FHA loans
FHA loans are government-sponsored, while conventional loans are privately guaranteed and are given by private lenders
FHA loans are best for first-time homebuyers because of the less stringent credit requirements and lower upfront prices. Conventional loans, on the other hand, have strict credit requirements and high upfront costs.

FHA Mortgage Credit Requirements
An FHA mortgage credit record can be as low as five hundred but without any attached strings.

Conventional Mortgage Credit Requirements
The credit requirements for a conventional loan keep varying from one lender to another. But generally, a minimum credit score of about six hundred and twenty or higher is needed.

Conventional vs. FHA Loans Interest Rates
Loan Internet rates of loans are affected by

State of a country’s economy
The investor demand
The government reserve

Conventional loans have lower interest rates than FHA loans.

It is essential to understand the kind of credit that can be best for your needs. FHA loans are upheld by the government, while conventional loans are for private lenders. In addition, the loans are less restrictive and easily guaranteed by the federal housing administration.

Capital One Personal Loans – Credit Union Approved

Capital One personal loans may be the last thing on your mind if you have a bad credit score or no credit history at all. But despite your bad credit, you still might be able to take out a loan from Capital One Personal Loans. This doesn’t mean that Capital One will help you buy a home, though.

Capital One is not among the biggest online lenders, but they do offer personal loans at competitive rates. They do, however, differ from other banks by offering personal loans with no credit history required. Some of their other fees include application fees, costs for getting a signature on documents, as well as an annual percentage rate (APR). These are not typical fees for a bank.

If you have not looked into any of capital one personal loans in the past, this may be a new experience. Be sure to look into it before applying. There is a lot of money out there, and competition between lenders is fierce. Before signing up with them, ask questions and read through all the terms and conditions. Look for information about their fees and interest rates. Make sure you compare loan offers before deciding which lender will offer you the best loan and terms.

The first alternative is a traditional bank, such as a traditional brick and mortar bank. You can go online and request an application, although this may take some time. Most banks now offer online applications that can be processed within a few days.

Another alternative to capital one personal loans is a checking account. It is not widely accepted everywhere, so you may have to drive to another bank, or use alternative methods of borrowing money, such as a credit card. Be sure to pay off your balance in full each month, as interest charges are generally higher for checks and cards than for savings accounts. A credit card may also have a fee to use, but it may be worth it if you are short of cash. If you do not have a checking account, you may still qualify for a savings account at your bank.

An alternative to capital one personal loans is online lenders. There are many online lenders who specialize in providing loans to people looking for no-money-down types of loan. Be sure to do a thorough search online to find the best interest rate and terms. Do not be afraid to ask questions when applying for a loan online. Sometimes, online lenders will not have all the information that you need, so it can be a good idea to call and talk to someone directly.

One last alternative to capital one personal loans is to look into bad credit loans. These types of loans are specifically targeted at people with bad credit. However, you should take care to make sure that you are getting a loan product that fits your particular needs. This type of loan product may have slightly higher interest rates, due to the increased risk for the lender.

Capital One’s personal loans offer great flexibility for those with credit problems. It is important to remember though that if you default on your loan, you will hurt your credit score. Because of this potential issue, you should only apply for the loan if you can truly repay it. Also, make sure to keep up your credit score by always making payments on time.

If you think that your credit personal loans have fair credit personal terms, you should check out the repayment terms of your bad credit personal loan product. Typically, you will want to know how much extra money you will be expected to pay back on a monthly basis. You will also want to know if there are any prepayment penalties or fees. Be wary of any lender who does not tell you these things upfront.

Capital One offers several different repayment terms for their personal loans. You can choose to make your payment on an installment basis, which means that you will be paying each month after receiving your loan amount. You can also choose to make your payment in full at the end of the term. The full payment option is typically better for people who are used to budgeting their money. In addition to the interest rate, you should also be able to find information about any fees associated with your loan.

Capital One offers personal loans from Truck Carrier. You can shop around and compare prices and policies among different lenders to find the best deal. To learn more about choosing the right loan, as well as other financial resources, log on to the website of American Consumer Credit Union.

Sage 50 Payroll Support

You should be confident that you’re in accordance with the rules, and any specific questions will be answered by experts.

We understand the importance of merchant services in your company, and we’ll enthusiastically walk you through any customer support you might have. We’ll also assist you in maintaining your data accordingly, with HMRC legislation, such as Auto Accreditation and Real Time Information (RTI).

The following are some of the features of Howfixerrors for Sage 50 Payroll Support:

Ease of access and usage support
You should constant feedback answers even at the end of the fiscal year.
Form a relationship with the customer service department.
When you contact Howfixerrors Support, your business will not be disrupted.

Payroll Sage 50

If you’re a small company or a large organization, Sage 50 Payroll software helps you to track the entire purchasing process, from everyday tasks like recruiting your workers to manage your employee records. Sage Payroll will spare you time and money by giving you more control over your purchasing process, but it will also give you the comfort of mindset by ensuring that you are in compliance with current employment laws like Automatic Eligibility. All Sage Payroll tools have been authorized by HM Revenue & Customs.

Sage 50 Payroll features

Many of your payroll activities can be managed and optimized using the Sage 50 Payroll software. The below are some of the most important features and advantages:

Payroll systems for employees should be monitored.
HMRC’s applications
Keep records of your HMRC PAYE and NIC commitments.
Calculations for national taxes and insurance are performed automatically.
Outings and leaves of absence of employees should be planned ahead of time.
HM Taxation and Customs (HMRC) compatible
Obtain the most recent legislative updates via email.
Technical payslips may be emailed or printed for employees who submit Real-Time Information (RTI).
Employees can access their pay stubs online with ease.
Arrange pension plans for employees.
You can pay employees electronically using e-Banking.

Why Howfixerrors?

Howfixerrors’ Sage 50 Payroll Support was born out of client need for a more personalized support service from a small, standardized format, and we now have millions of customers. Our kind and knowledgeable specialists will go over and above to address your issue as promptly as feasible.

Every call is handled by a live person, and if an expert is inaccessible right immediately, we will contact you at a later date and time. In terms of training, Howfixerrors Services has been the premier Sage Partner since 2011.

Our accounting professionals will demonstrate how Payroll may be set up to assist you in better manage your payroll procedures. We will provide you with a free tailored Sage 50 Payroll demonstration, as well as fully justified charges and costs for your specific requirements. We’ll help you with all parts of the implementation process, including training and support. All paycheck versions are supported, including earlier versions like Sage line 50.

Sage 50 Payroll Support

Sage 50 Payroll comes with direct support from Sage. Internet services such as webinars and articles, as well as direct phone assistance, are used to do this. So, whatever the problem is, you can easily call a professional. The Consolidated Payslips and Connections feature in Sage 50 Payroll allows you to send direct pay stubs to your employees after payroll has been completed. Your employees will receive their E-Payslip, which will detail deductions, company information, and overall salary. Employees get access to invoices, P60s, and other documents.

What does Sage 50 Payroll expenses

Sage 50 Payroll Basic and Sage 50 Payroll Expert are the multiple variants available. Both editions allow for an infinite number of workers, while Standard only allows for one user and one company. You can have an unlimited number of users and organizations if you are professional. Both programs will include a Monthly or Pre-Paid Yearly Package option.